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To say we have enjoyed our alliance with your Blockchain Beerologist @zekepickleman would be an understatement. We have marketing, web and computer technology support, business management and sales covered pretty well as an organization. Many of these have changed in execution since the lock-down and strenuous business conditions and now we have added Beerology to our portfolio!

Here is your Drive-By Beering Celebrity Double Shot!

The Power of Huey Marley Salads!

In the first segment, we drop off a 6-pack to a local celebrity artist, musician, performer and fantastic dad all in one tight package. Mista D has spent decades tearing up stages across North America with acts such as The Salads, Mob Barley and the Railers and is a resident DJ with our local powerhouse Revival Vinyl Society

Many performers like Mista D are suffering from performance withdrawal with gatherings not happening the last couple months. This one has taken the time to enjoy his awesome family and take his show online. From free streamed DJ sets (you get to pick from his discogs collection! ) to our Wednesday staple Instagram show where we all get to catch up with his close friends in the entertainment industry

Enjoy the beer Mista D! Hopefully it will be a little Wild Child for all the entertainment you have given us!

What's Happening with the Twisted Sisters Thoughts and Shots #amenacetosobriety

In this segment, we drop off a 6-pack to a couple local social media influencers known as What's Happening Stratford Tracy and Sara have taken to the couch to launch their online stream known as Twister Sisters - Thoughts and Shots where they enjoy being labeled a Menace to Sobriety. When we can't hang out with our groups of friends, they help is stay social and connected and perhaps have a couple drinks along with the laughs with the pretty girls!

They have also taken to the streets, purchasing goods from many local businesses in a show of support AND spending time endorsing those products and businesses. As an entrepreneur, it warms your heart to hear people crowing about your products and services. As a community, we love and tuning in to see what's happening in our town. When things get back to normal and all the businesses return to promoting their events and launches, these guys are going to be BUSY!

Thanks for helping us volunteer in the community and for the partnership that will mean many promotional opportunities and beers in the future!

It is such a pleasure to have a good in with local and regional breweries. Especially when it comes to helping the community in little ways. With this initiative, we have been able to put money back into a local business, create a positive story for others to enjoy, and directly reward some of the other folks we see working had for their community.

STAY TUNED for more Drive-By Beerings, community leadership spotlights and crisis victories!


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