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Feed Your Fire Fighters!

Updated: May 20

Town Crier Marketing is catching on fire with our community volunteer effort and just getting started. Here is our latest hit as we team up with a bistro, a technology company, and a fitness studio to provide lunch for a hungry group of local heroes!

When you pause to consider the front line workers directly connected with preserving the health of the community, you most likely think about healthcare workers, law enforcement, and those calendar-appearing hunks at the fire department. Recently, they have been jumping in on social media with the City of Stratford as a way to stay engaged with the community, and share their perspective of the pandemic as they stay constantly ready to respond to any emergency.

Let's see if we can lean our efforts into providing a little pick-me-up for these fine upstanding folks!

Pizza Bistro its doors a number of years ago as a culmination of many years serving the community along several avenues. This evolution captured rich Greek heritage & cuisine along with an additional pizza specialization AND boutique accommodation all on premises. Alike other restaurants in a community built upon catering to thousands of patrons coming from abroad, there have been substantial challenges to continuing operations, staying engaged with the supportive community, and safely innovating in a time of widespread turmoil.

Despite having known Steve and Effie so long, we contacted them through the makeshift online ordering system they have bravely put in place for take-out. As expected, an immediate reply resulted from our call to action in the name of the Fire Fighters. We planned on feeding every fire fighter in the city at both fire halls but that didn't deter the team from jumping in to lend a hand and provide a huge stack of pies!

Though Town Crier offered to finance part of the order, we were immediately joined by a couple other generous community leaders in the form of Jeffrey Walsh of The Compudoc Ryan Livingston of Genuine Fitness Both are passionate supporters of local business and big fans of wonderful Pizza Bistro cuisine as well as our beloved fire fighters. With that sorted, all we had to do was coordinate with the parties involved, and strive to deliver some delicious lunch while it was still hot!

Fire Station Number Two

Fire hall 2 is nicely situated on the north end of town and was first on our delivery list. While driving from Pizza Bistro, it was tempting to get lost in the unbelievably good-smelling delivery vehicle and take a detour for a picnic.

We persevered through and it was gratifying to get to Fire Hall 2 just before noon, knowing that some hungry warriors would get to enjoy the nicely varying pizza selection. We know fire fighter Rob as he is an exemplary dad, community member and Habs fan but it was nice to meet the other team members!

Fire Station Number One

Next up was the other half of the local dynamic team at Fire Station No. 1 towards the south end of town. It was a drizzly and windy day but that didn't slow us down or dampen the spirits of our correspondent@zekepicklemanor his trusty photographer/sidekick.

Familiar friendly faces greeted us at the door, expressing a similar gratitude at the showing of community support and collaboration.

A quick conversation with the Captain revealed that the team had adopted tactics to support the local restaurants already. In fact, they have invested part of their well-deserved wages as a team to order take out from all of the local restaurants for the past couple weeks. This may explain why Pizza Bistro knew well enough to send a couple deep dish varieties to each fire hall on our delivery route.

As an organization, @town-crier has pivoted and focused all attention upon working with the community during the pandemic. Healthcare systems are stressed, businesses are in a state of flux, and restaurants are fighting for their existence. Mobilizing along with these leaders and solution seekers has been a fantastic gift in an era of uncertainty.

We will do our small part in supporting each other, help the businesses flex and stay engaged, and join with the leaders who will be remembered when things get back to the new normal. There are many projects in the works and we can't wait to tell you about them.

Thank you Fire Fighters!

When things get back to a new normal, we will remember community cornerstones who stepped up and lead us through this.

Get Active! Get Involved! Get with Town Crier Marketing!

We are looking for reasons to put pants on and look forward to hearing from you so we can team up and help the community and our local businesses.


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