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Fellini's and Junction 56 love Greenwood Court!

This story is really starting to get around and came together brilliantly on Friday April 24th. If you are just discovering this blog for the first time, we are engaging with local leaders to support passionate professionals who are literally battling for the lives of their residents. In the image above, we have two of the local businesses who stepped up huge and combined to provide some of over 60 meals for the courageous team at Greenwood Court during this intense time.

Fellini's Classic Italian Cucina was the final restaurant to jump into this fantastic project as owner Dave Martin was keen to jump in and help the community. We can't recall eating at such a legitimate Cucina with its unique mix of old-world dishes and contemporary ambiance. Despite bravely battling the change in the local scene, Dave and the team were on board in less than a day and put together the perfect care package of deliciousness for Greenwood. When we transferred money to cover some of the cost of the meals, Dave and the team immediately turned that contribution around and donated to Stratford Perth Rotary Hospice !

It is inspiring to see Fellini's jumping in with other local culinary leaders rethinking the menu and relaunching the service as a safe and delicious take-out option you can check out here

We have been a fan of Junction 56 Distillery as the prized local innovative distillery. So, a conversation with owner Mike Heisz about their participation in this venture was fantastic. It is not a well-enough known story that the whole organization has dedicated themselves to converting production to supply alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Even the larger neighbouring community noticed What a marvelous effort for all the health workers, essential businesses, and people taking extra sanitary precautions to flatten the curve.

The team stepped up huge to not only pay for a large amount of the meals, but also provide 6 litres of the essential hand sanitizer to help the Greenwood staff. So, not only are the fine folks at Junction 56 helping us stay at home with some wonderful cocktails, they are responsible for sanitized hands and playing a huge role in killing the spread of the virus.

Working with these two exemplary organizations and strong local brands on this powerful project was a treat and a delight. Please consider purchasing delivery, pickup, beverages, hand sanitizer and gift cards to support these upstanding pillars of our community!

There are yarns to spin about each of the wonderful restaurants who supplied the meals and the business sponsors who jumped in to help finance this project. The restaurants and businesses unanimously convey a sincere thank our front heroes and, next, we will tell you about:

We cannot wait to get into the rest of stories behind these businesses who seriously need your support to survive now, and thrive later. It was our pleasure to be able to come together and deliver a little tasty sunshine to the day of a health worker and we are here to help in any way we can.

Please let us know about other front line workers who could use a reward, businesses that need a hand going digital, and sponsors looking to contribute to our community outreach projects!


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