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Introducing - Town Crier Marketing

This is an introduction post for Town Crier Marketing (humble pre-launch website for your consideration.) We are a real-world marketing company who have chosen to make a home on the STEEM blockchain for a number of reasons:

  1. Strength of the Blockchain - We believe there is a huge upside in the real world application of blockchain technology for small business commerce. STEEM is the oldest, most established and most advanced social media blockchain in our estimation and the perfect place to hang our Open for Business sign.

  2. We Have a Story to Tell - This business is built like an all-star band with the veteran team members we have but is an all new adventure on an un-blazed trail. We hope it will be informative and inspirational for aspiring entrepreneurs and experienced business professionals who can share their wisdom. It should be fun to push to success and entertaining to follow as we win and lose and learn and conquer.

  3. Investment - Simply put, STEEM is a ridiculously good deal right now. New folks like us can get in and established with such a small investment compared to where you guys were a year and a half ago. To expect STEEM to double in value from where it is now (or even go 10x =$1.56) is much more feasible than it is to expect Bitcoin to reach $20,500 (or 10x = $100,500!!) This is easy math and a good way to invest and diversify our income.

  4. Augmentation of Client Value - At the very least, we can author a review of our newest clients that they can use in their social media and help tell their story. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, one metric for success is an increased Back Links score. Simply put, the more external sites that link back to your site, the better for your online presence. So these reviews with links will help us help our clients.

  5. Social Media Evolution - We envision incentivised social media slowly but surely making its way to the blockchain. This will mean we will have to evolve the strategy for our clients to accommodate and leverage this shift. In addition to staying on top of the trends, we will be able to advise our clients to share the social media content they create towards branding and culture creation on a platform which will reward that content and networking. Basically, they will be creating content anyhow, leverage the blockchain as an early adopter for rewards which can compound over time. Income diversification is very appealing to business owners.

All this being said, imagine a wave of local folks discovering and becoming involved in STEEM. Then, imagine having started early enough to get a great stake as a business, with the ability to use that stake to upvote local people taking the time to support your business blog. Imagine being able to reward customers with STEEM and enabling them to spend steem at your store.

There is risk and is speculation that comes with all blockchain as there is with every business but, to us, STEEM has immediate and undeniable benefits.

We will share business stories, client spotlights, marketing tips from our formula, and our progress as we evolve and conquer. We would LOVE to have feedback, conversation, heckling and involvement in the entrepreneurship movement on the blockchain. This may not be financial advice, but it is business discussion revolving around the STEEM ecosystem engrained in cryptocurrency and we are going to proudly support the #STEEM-LEO tribe and entrepreneurship tribes which are constructive and progressive.....just like we will strive to be.

Please consider following a small business that finds a home on STEEM. We would also like you to consider bringing your small business to STEEM and grow with the wave of entrepreneurs progressive enough to take the fun plunge and blaze that trail. @jpwellness and @robhots are great ones being supported by leaders on the blockchain including the well-respected @broncnutz. This is just the beginning.

Thanks for having us. It is going to be fun and profitable to grow together.


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