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Jobsite Brewing and Red Lion Room team up to deliver Easter dinner for our Hospital Heroes!

As the story goes, we were able to work with local businesses and partner them with restaurants to provide a free Easter meal for a couple shifts of emergency workers. What made this extra special was the fact that these were some of the finest restaurants in town so the meal was first class class and intended to be a very delectable reward. In the image above, we have the local restaurant and the business that partnered up with them to provide some of the meals. Each inspiring and pivotal components of the story.

The Red Lion Room is one of the newer restaurants to launch in the last few months, providing a wonderful lounge filled with live music, craft beverages and a very special Cajun-fusion menu. Launching a restaurant is an aggressive undertaking in and of itself without considering the challenging environment they are facing today, along with the other restaurants. That being the case, management and staff jumped at the chance to provide a few meals for the hospital staff.

It may have been the boss man Hugh Dwyer who generously gave the green light but it was Chef Blake Anderson who channeled his inspiration into a few of the wonderful meals we were able to deliver later that day. You can read a little more about this champion here but this is a shot we took of him before he completely flexed his operation to provide take-out and delivery to the community. It was our first pickup of the night and the car smelled SO GOOD that we almost didn't make our second pickup!

Fans of our resident Blockchain Beerologist's blog may know the Jobsite Brewing Company logo as well as the locals do. Though we were not about to deliver a supply of beer to the hospital, that didn't stop this local success story from stepping up to play their part.

We are lucky enough to have a long history of working with the whole team but it was co-owner Phil Buhler who immediately stepped up to support this cause. Jobsite draft is just making it out to select restaurants and Red Lion Room is one of them so it made sense to pair them up in this chapter of the story. Business has been heavily impacted as of late with the closure of the fantastic tap room and even retail operations have been converted to online delivery with employee and customer safety top of mind. Without hesitation, these fantastic entrepreneurs and leaders stepped up to purchase some of the meals to be delivered to the hospital workers.

We all know that the health care workers are some of the greatest heroes in times of crisis with their bravery and selfless dedication. They will be the first to tell you that there are other heroes who make what they do possible. In fact, we have to pass their gratitude to these and the other business leaders who combined to deliver this small token of community appreciation. Please continue to support our health workers now and these wonderful companies and leaders when we are able to congregate again. Find local businesses like restaurants and breweries who are taking a loss to stay in business, employ people, and engage with the community to help us get through this together.


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