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Let's Deliver Lunch to more Front Line Warriors!

As the story unfolds, we were able to work with a local businesses, and partner them with a restaurant to provide a special complementary lunch for the team at the best local animal hospital. What makes this extra special is the fact that this restaurant just launched its grand reopening yesterday, and jumped at the opportunity to reward some of their most beloved front line health workers. In the image below, we have the local restaurant and the businesses that partnered up with them to provide a delectable lunch as inspiring and pivotal components of the story.

Peak Realty Brokerage

When it came time to find a business sponsor willing to step up for front line health workers and local restaurants, we didn't have to look far. Matt Francis is a veteran entrepreneur and local real estate tycoon who has independently helped all of the Town Crier Marketing founding partners in buying and selling the homes that landed them in Stratford...before we even met each other. He is as handsome as he is generous and insisted that he purchase all of the meals so that the whole veterinary staff were rewarded for their hard work during difficult times. The gesture also alleviated the restaurant of the financial burden and reinforced the support that Peak has always shown to Sirkel Foods.

Town Crier was happy to pitch in some funds to add a nice dessert to the lunch and team up with such a great local brand backed by one of the best real estate teams you can imagine. Here's to a prompt return to gathering and a round of golf when the weather is warmer.

Thanks Matt and team! <Distanced hugs for Lauren!>

Sirkel foods, as tourists AND locals alike will attest, is a Stratford lunch gem offering the most delicious and creative menu around. Though rent is still due, Sirkel finds itself without its standard full restaurant and the line extending to the sidewalk. That being the case, Kel didn't have to think back very far for the last time the vets at Coventry animal hospital placed their lunch order for the team. They had the added challenge of fulfilling this order the very day after reopening and boldly launching a touch-less take out delivery model, moving 400 sandwiches and meals in the first day! Tough times or not, Sirkel is a strong community member and was ready to pitch in.

Congratulations on relaunching and boldly striding in an effort to keep your employees working, the community fed, and your brand included among those leading us all through these challenging times. Thanks on behalf of the vets and technicians who thoroughly enjoyed the delicious lunch as a break in the tough day.

We had the chance once again to team up with Tracy from What's Happening Stratford as she supports small business and the front line medical workers despite the blustery day. It warms us up to know we are able to do something nice for Coventry as they were the first business to step up and buy meals for the hospital workers on Easter Sunday with us.

These dedicated and passionate caregivers are every bit the heroes as the hospital workers, paramedics and long-term healthcare professionals. It is a trying time to be responsible for the well-being of our furry family members with restricted service delivery, strict safety precautions and a diminished staff working that much harder.

Coventry Team: A sincere thank you from Matt Francis/Peak Realty, Sirkel Foods, What's Happening Stratford, and all of us at Town Crier Marketing for doing what you do. It was our pleasure to be able to help deliver a little tasty sunshine to your day and we are here to help in any way we can.


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