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MacLeod's Scottish Shop, Coventry Vets and Revival House feed Hospital Heroes!

As the story goes, we were able to work with local businesses and partner them with restaurants to provide a free Easter meal for a couple shifts of hospital emergency workers. What made this extra special was the fact that these were some of the finest restaurants in town so the meal was first-class and intended to be a very delectable reward. In the image above, we have the local restaurant and the businesses that partnered up with them to provide some of the meals. Each inspiring and pivotal components of the story.

Revival House is nothing short of a jewel in the crown that is Stratford community. It is, unbelievably, equal parts fine dining establishment, elegant events facility, wedding destination, and epic music venue. Then, if you get into the history of the building, evolution of the restaurant, and the tale of personal enterprise related to the proprietor, you will be hard-pressed to find a more interesting thread in the Stratford cultural tapestry.

When we approached Rob Wigan with the prospect of providing meals for the emergency workers at the general hospital, his eyes lit up in that way so many of us have seen. He immediately ordered more turkeys and was prepared to provide all the meals by himself despite the cost to the business he is determined to preserve through the tough times. A good number of 3-course turkey dinners with all the fixin's of home were packaged hot, in environmentally friendly take-out containers, and were a hit among those who enjoyed them.

Restaurants are perhaps among the hardest hit of the local small businesses, but that didn't stop this awesome team from throwing their weight behind this initiative and leading the community in their own way.

Coventry Animal Hospital has been known, for as long as we can remember, as the place you choose when your pet is a family member, you appreciate amazing quality of service, and support local business. This team of essential workers has had to contort and revise the service delivery model in order to keep staff & clients safe and remain in operation. They continue to focus on their core competency of caring for our pets but are thinking about the community of which they are a strong part.

We contacted one of the owners Phil Meadows on a Saturday morning while he was with his lovely family and he took the time out to throw his weight behind the initiative. We know that the business environment is uniquely challenging for business owners as they consider not only their livelihood, but assume responsibility for caring for employees and clients alike. Seeing his health workers continue to do their part, he knows very well the dedication of the hospital workers and valiantly jumped on board with little hesitation.

MacLeod's Scottish Shop is one of the neatest and most interesting specialty shops along the world-famous downtown Stratford business area. Scottish folks from all over the world order from the online shop and tourists mingle with locals in this quaint retail location filled with almost anything you can imagine from the motherland. We may be letting the cat out of the bag but the huge spring shipment just arrived today and you will be able to take advantage of all the new merchandise in the coming days.

We contacted this dashing owner/janitor because we know how involved he and his business are in supporting local business. If you are looking for someone to follow as a solution finder in an era of problems, you can't go wrong here. Rob was among upstanding community supporters of businesses like Revival House and ordered take-out on the launch night of the revisited delivery/take-out service. There was no convincing necessary as the support for local restaurants and admiration of the healthcare workers inspired this business owner to foot some of the bill and become involved.

By our calculation, the Town Crier Marketing team is only 13.7% Scottish but you will probably see us sporting kilts from MacLeod's when things return to normal.

By now, we all know that the health care workers are some of the greatest heroes in times of crisis with their bravery and selfless dedication. Communication with them since has been filled with their gratitude, their heartfelt need to reciprocate, and request that people simply stay home, stay safe, and stay happy for each other.

Please continue to support our health workers now and these wonderful companies and leaders when we are able to congregate again. Find local businesses like restaurants and technology retailers who are taking a loss to stay in business, employ people, and engage with the community to help us get through this together.


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