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Pazzo's Taverna and Sommers Generators team up to reward Team Greenwood!

Updated: Apr 30

This story was a week in the making but came together brilliantly on Friday April 24th. What makes this initiative extra special to us is that we were able to brighten the day of a whole team of passionate professionals who are literally battling for the lives of their residents. In the image above, we have two of the local businesses who stepped up huge and combined to provide some of over 60 meals for the team at Greenwood Court during this intense time.

Most of us know Taverna Pazzo is the ideal combination of locally loved and internationally admired restaurant. The preparation for a busy theater and tourist season would normally be almost complete but things are not as they normally are. Despite having just courageously launched a very innovative home delivery/pickup service (ingredients AND instructions to cook it yourself!!) in an effort to innovate and survive, Jeff immediately answered the call to provide 20 full meals. The whole team has family ties to Greenwood and put business and profitability aside to make sure they threw their support behind these beloved care-givers.

When discussing the project with Jeff, we talked about the supporters who are throwing their weight and support behind our cherished restaurants in this time of need and the first name mentioned was Chris McGregor. He runs Stratford-based Sommers Generator Systems who have "been here 24/7/365 for 84 years and its not about to change now!" When we had the privilege of connecting with him and his team directly, he digested the details of what we were doing and immediately insisted that he and Sommers purchase all of the meals for the project. This generosity seems to be a theme with each of the leaders with whom we are uniting and we decided to limit the purchase so other sponsors could join in.

Please please click on the website link to check our the fantastic power solutions at Sommers Generator Systems and join us in thanking Chris and the team for their inspiring and generous support.

Town Crier Marketing would like to extend a sincere thank you to all of the leaders who helped us make this happen. Particularly Pazzo's and Sommer's for the wonderful food and support for these dedicated heroes.

Thanks you Greenwood Court for the community you battle to build and protect so selflessly and tirelessly! The dedicated and passionate caregivers at our long-term care facilities are another priceless group healthcare professionals who deserve so much of our appreciation and support. It seems such a small thing for us to deliver one meal after they have put in another long 40+ hour week. So, we may have to keep at it.

We have yarns to spin about each of the wonderful restaurants who supplied the meals and the business sponsors who jumped in to help finance this project. The restaurants and businesses unanimously convey a sincere thank you and, next, we will tell you about:

We cannot wait to get into the rest of stories behind these businesses who seriously need your support to survive now, and thrive later. It was our pleasure to be able to come together and deliver a little tasty sunshine to your day and we are here to help in any way we can.

Please let us know about other front line workers who could use a reward, businesses that need a hand going digital, and sponsors looking to contribute to our community outreach projects!


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