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Red Lion Room - A new client, a new story!

Telling a good story is essential to marketing whether you are an agency like Town Crier, or a newly launched restaurant and live music lounge like Red Lion Room in Stratford We like to get up to speed on what makes each business special and immediately tell the story so that people can get the inside track and plug into the scene and experience. Simple as that. The stories told over a great meal or through song and art are the spice of life. When you combine them in the right venue, it can be a wonderful thing.

Here is a story on what makes Red Lion Room special in our minds.

Location, Location, Location

A location conducive to the exposure, foot traffic and convenience is a key to the strong launch of any business. When you consider the hotel wrapped around the Red Lion was built in the 1800s, is a few doors down from the central City Hall, and a 5 minute walk from any attraction downtown, it doesn't get any better than this. The hotel is now named The Windsor and is still operational so you can expect the guests to use the lounge as their convenient and classy evening entertainment option. It is a brisk 2-minute walk to the Avon Theatre and maybe a few more steps to the much-anticipated $20 million+ Tom Patterson Theatre set to open in the next year. Being located snugly between the 2 biggest theatres in the Festival City is where you truly want to be.

The make-over from its past incarnation to hip and trendy music lounge has been thorough yet tastefully done. The central and historic location and venue are definitely a great start

Food AND Drinks!

This is only a teaser of what you can expect from the lounge menu as we will put together a full review once we get to dive in fully. The menu is brought to you by chef Michelle and the owner Bill whose family has a storied track record in restaurant ownership and operation. So you know it will cover the staples and be peppered with special treats. We were able to peek at the dinner menu while it was being put together and it seems to be a good balance of delectable and fairly priced at first glance.

Our staff Beerologist has checked in with his early approval and covert picture of the taps before the doors opened. The craft beer lover will be pleased with the variety and local representation. There are also some tasty international brews on tap as well to round out the draft selection. We will probably commission a more-in-depth review of the draft in the spirit of being thorough while enjoying a couple drinks to toast the success of our newest client.


In an overwhelmingly artistic town, there are surprisingly few music venues. There is a wonderful pub around the corner with regular bands. There is an iconic larger venue down the block with wonderful concerts. There is a beautiful lounge down the next street that is trendy and intimate but does not feature live music. How nice is it to have another entertainment option right in the same neighborhood that aims to combine the best of those?

The doors are just opening but management has been working the channels and local scene for live acts to begin the show. The first couple acts look to be an interesting range from veteran piano crooner to guitar virtuoso to local favorite we have actually performed with in a back yard BBQ over the summer. We are being told stories of comedy shows, intimate performances, specialty DJs and an adventurous variety to add to the local scene. This is probably what will set the venue apart from others in the vicinity and we plan on attending with our better halves for some special date nights soon.

We are sending our pro photographer in to enhance the database of photos we will be using to tell this story and many of these have been borrowed from the existing website and Google Business profile. You may be able to tell how excited we are to bring on a new client like this. Having a neat story to tell is our specialty but when you add good food, partnering with a successful local family, and you add beer and music to the mix, it is hard to imagine better. Stratford Ontario already had plenty enough destinations to justify a visit for pleasure and adventure. Now it has another one looking to up the ante and contribute to the scene proudly championed by fellow beloved business icons.

We highly recommend you drop in for a special evening when you are in town. You may just run into us and the many people we attract by making this neat story public now that the Red Lion Room is open for business!

All images are shot by our photographers or used by permission from Red Lion Room Stratford.

Thank you for your business support, following our story and sharing in those we tell of our clients. Feel free to create a blog for your business and ask us how to leverage it towards success. - Telling Stories, Building Businesses. Now on STEEM!


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