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The Compudoc and The Red Rabbit team up to deliver Easter dinner for our Hospital Heroes!

As the story goes, we were able to work with local businesses and partner them with restaurants to provide a free Easter meal for a couple shifts of emergency workers. What made this extra special was the fact that these were some of the finest restaurants in town so the meal was first class-class and intended to be a very delectable reward. In the image above, we have the local restaurant and the business that partnered up with them to provide some of the meals. Each inspiring and pivotal components of the story.

The Red Rabbit is one of the most fascinating culinary stories over the past few years since it's launch. It is an inclusive employee-owned business model where the team members not only work in a fantastic, chic bistro, they are doing so with the pride and dedication of owners. You can imagine what that would do for the service model and how that translates into dining experience for the legion of loyal patrons. Then, you discover the cuisine! It will take a whole other post to do justice to the unbelievable work this top-notch kitchen puts together so you will have to try for yourself, or take our word for it.

It was fearless leader, general, and owner Jessie Votary who green-lit their participation in this initiative because of her support of the local healthcare heroes. You can read a little more about this leader and her awesome team under the TEAM link on the website. It was very obvious from the contents of the meals they assembled that everyone pitched in their best effort to reproduce this scene at the hospital for the emergency workers.

Restaurants are perhaps among the hardest hit of the local small businesses, but that didn't stop these wonderful people from throwing their weight behind this initiative and helping the community in so many other ways.

Town Crier Marketing has worked with The Compudoc for years before launching our business when it comes to supporting business and individuals with turn-key technology support. The bright and welcoming retail store right in the heart of downtown Stratford is everything from a great place to buy a computer, get advice and service on all the technology that enhances your life or business, and a social hangout before the recent social distancing protocol.

We contacted owner and operator Jeff Walsh while he was alone in the store, employees working remotely, phones ringing off the hook for advice/service, and dutifully agonizing over tactics to keep another mainstay business alive in the current turmoil. When he heard about our initiative, he put all that aside because of his intense appreciation for the hospital workers, The Red Rabbit specifically, and out of duty to the community that has supported The Compudoc so many years. "How many meals do you need? I want to buy 20 of them!"

Thankfully, there were other sponsors equally as eager and supportive as Jeff and he didn't have to invest that much in order to help everyone involved. We have a feeling The Compudoc may be featured in future stories as we continue this campaign until it is no longer necessary.

By now, we all know that the health care workers are some of the greatest heroes in times of crisis with their bravery and selfless dedication. Communication with them since has been filled with their gratitude, their heartfelt need to reciprocate, and request that people simply stay home, stay safe, and stay happy for each other.

Please continue to support our health workers now and these wonderful companies and leaders when we are able to congregate again. Find local businesses like restaurants and technology retailers who are taking a loss to stay in business, employ people, and engage with the community to help us get through this together.


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