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Town Crier Business Spotlight - Fight Supply

Telling a good story is essential to marketing whether you are an agency like Town Crier, or a martial arts supply organization like Fight Supply Canada We like to get up to speed on what makes each business special and immediately tell the story so that people can get the inside track and become clients. Simple as that. The Fight Supply tale is involved & inspirational, and this organization has a great one you will be happy you heard.

Here is a story on what makes Fight Supply special in our minds

Premium Quality Gear

First and foremost as an element for a wildly successful company and brand, has to be the quality of the merchandise. We have a Jiu Jitiero on staff at and he can attest to this being one of the best lines he has ever seen and put to use. The inside track on this story is Mike and the team are constantly exploring, researching and experimenting with partners and suppliers in an effort not only to have great gear now, but to perpetually improve and expand. All design is done in North America and profits stay here as well.

The product line is not limited to Brazillian Jiu Jitsu gear either. The premium kimonos are being worn by karate practitioners, judokas and any other sports that train and compete in the gi. With these fighting styles rooted deep in mixed martial arts (MMA,) the product line is also highlighted by no-gi (submission wrestling) rash guards and spats, MMA and boxing gloves, athletic shorts, mouth guards and a complete line to accompany the fighter along his or her individual journey. There are even selections of custom soaps & detergents and a nice line of street clothing to show your passion outside of the dojo/academy.

Seriously, you will want to rock a legitimate Fight Supply t-shirt or hoodie rather than some tapout bargain brand from a big box store that holds no stake in the fight game and culture.

Support and Status of Active Athletes

Providing great gear is one thing, but actively supporting and driving competing athletes is another. This athlete is Jiu Jitsu competitor and professional MMA fighter Kris Allard. Fight supply has outfitted and consulted Kris since his first amateur fight and plays a strong role in seeing him achieve all he can in tournaments and the octagon. For the record, his next professional MMA fight is February 29th in Kitchener Ontario on the stacked card from this event:!

This fighter is known as Emily "The Storm" and has been training Jiu Jitsu for many years despite her young age. She is also the unofficial face of the Fight Supply sub brand exclusively for women entitled Fight Girl. Female fighters are as popular as the male ones in promotions such as the UFC, and deserve special attention and gear custom-made for them. We will help launch the online presence of this brand soon as well and are so proud of Fight Supply for supporting women in combat sports.

The owners (including Mike) are accomplished and decorated competitors as well. There were much more than 3 reasons this story is special so we included the legitimacy of the business operators in this one. All family members train and Mike was recently awarded his Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and already holds a black belt in traditional/japanese jiu jitsu as a respected trainer from a long line of them. So, you know this is someone testing and actually using the gear in action.

It is a Family Affair!

As alluded to in the last point, the awesome family behind the Fight Supply brand and company all train. This adorable picture will show you the love that is behind this brand. There are not many businesses where the co-owners will fight each other physically at the board room table, or share a love like this. The mats and arenas are the board room, all people behind this premium gear are leading by example, and perhaps contributing more to combat sports than benefiting from them business-wise. If you ever get a chance to square off against father, mother, son or daughter, you will find some tough and honourable people. If you share a beverage afterward, you will feel very good as you know your investment in Fight Supply gear and support of the business is going to a very good place.

The company's motto is "Everyone has a path and their own journey along that path. This is your unique FIGHT that will get you to your goal." The best part of this company is that the story is built with quality as a cornerstone, honour and support as principals, and a shared intimate involvement in the journey of its clients. We invite you to enjoy that journey and our role within promoting this fantastic company as it will be equal parts battle and inspiration even for those not participating in the hostilities.

Your Journey | Your Path | Your FIGHT

All images are shot by our photographers or used by permission from Fight Supply Canada.

Thank you for your business support, following our story and sharing in those we tell of our clients. Feel free to create a blog for your business and ask @town.crier how to leverage it towards success. - Telling Stories, Building Businesses. Now on STEEM!


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