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We Love The Paramedics of EMS!

Here is another quick tale of collaboration, community support and leadership intended to show the positive during a potentially negative situation.

Our supportive community is especially grateful for our paramedics as they continue to serve the community and save lives while the healthcare system is under such unique distress. The heightened tension and increased risk of contracting a virus could lead to more stress in an already stressful profession.

When we were organizing a big delivery of 60 meals from 4 different restaurants for a local long-term care facility, we found that a couple of the restaurants were little over-prepared. This left us with about a half dozen, 3-course gourmet meals all packed up with nowhere to go. 60 meals for Greenwood Court was a liberal estimation and we wracked our brains for an equally deserving group of front line warriors.

Where to take delicious salads, fancy entrees and desserts? Our first call was to the rock star firefighters at the fire station. Turns out they had dinner plans for the night and we will have to save them for another initiative. The captain mentioned that the Paramedics would be a great destination and gave us the direct line to the dispatch office.

You can see, by the little bags under the box, that we are not the only parts of the community thinking about the paramedics and their important role. The space between sliding doors smells like delicious, locally-roasted coffee from is a wonderful, family-run business. Feels strangely quiet like everyone is just waiting for that alarm that will spring them into action.

We have had a chance to visit hospital emergency workers, the Humane Society, and animal hospital, an embattled long-term care facility, and now this group of critical and dedicated first responders. As with the others, they actively ask about who is behind this show of support and we simply let them know it is courtesy of businesses and restaurants that appreciate what they are doing.

It may be a simple gesture but we want to leave no questions in the minds of the health care network about whether or not the community appreciates what they do. It seems that they have no use for the pedestal we place them on as each person and group will have their special part in seeing us through this crisis.

As an organization, we have pivoted and focused all attention upon working with the community during the pandemic. Healthcare systems are stressed, businesses are in a state of flux, and restaurants are fighting for their existence. Mobilizing along with these leaders and solution seekers has been a fantastic gift in an era of uncertainty.

We will do our small part in supporting each other, help the businesses flex and stay engaged, and join with the leaders who will be remembered when things get back to the new normal. There are many projects in the works and we can't wait to tell you about them.

Thank you Paramedics! In this case, from Greenwood Court, Demetre's Family Eatery, Genuine Fitness Fellini's Classic Italian Cucina, Junction 56 Distillery, Taverna Pazzo, Revival House, Sommers Generator Systems, Black Swan Brewing and Town Crier Marketing


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